Can A Story Save Your Life?
From: Isaak Hyde
Date: 12/11/2020
Location: Kenmore, New York
Escape. That’s what I needed.

Two nights ago I’d sat in a blue mini-cooper with red taillights illuminating the love of my life smiling back at me.

Tonight she’d told me I was sick and sent me on a one-way trip into country obscurity.
It didn’t make sense. It wasn’t fair. And it certainly wasn’t right.

I’d experienced it for years. The “realities” we just “have to deal with.”

Maybe you’ve experienced this before, too. A moment where reality just got to be too much to deal with.

Even if that feeling’s just a little familiar, you’re gonna wanna keep reading. Because I’m going to show you how I learned to deal with and overcome that “realness”.

Better yet, I’m gonna show you how you can do the same thing.

And I know it works, because I was at wit’s end.

I wanted- NEEDED to go somewhere that actually made sense. Somewhere that wasn’t horrible. Where I wasn’t just waiting for some huge reality hammer to come crush me into nothing.

And the only place I’ve found that does that is fiction.

As I rode that empty car toward an obscure shack in the country, I decided I was going to find a place that made sense. 

A place I could go when the sky got too heavy. When the air got too thick to breathe.

Of course, I’d be lying if I said I found it on the first try

The Escape had to be complete. It had to be genuine. And it had to last.

I tried video games, movies, anime…

And they would help, at first. But as soon as each ended I was back in the same place as before. The escape wasn’t permanent - it didn’t last.

So I tried making it happen in the real world. With real friends, relationships, and passions.

“Maybe I got it wrong. Maybe I just have to try something new.” I thought...

And the friends betrayed me.

The girls were afraid to open up.

My passions got shut down at every turn.

I tried for years. Changed my approach. Went outside my comfort zone to meet new people and try new things…

But everything I tried felt incomplete, like a lie, or quickly came to an end.

Reality kept letting me down. Years later I realized just how obvious it should’ve been why it would take something different. Something new.

It’s like Einstein said, “a problem can’t be solved at the same level at which it was created.”

It takes something unreal.

Now, maybe your life hasn’t been super crazy...

Maybe you didn’t have to fight for your life in elementary school.

Maybe you’ve never walked hours to a crappy job in the dead of winter.

Maybe you don’t see the faces of people who’ve lost themselves when you close your eyes.

Or maybe it’s been even crazier.

But whether you’re lost in an unfulfilling vanilla life…

Or you’ve been crushed beneath the insanity of the world since day one…

Or anything in between,

Escape is essential

Most people already do. They escape into alcohol, or cigarettes, or drugs.

Just binge-watching your favorite series is its own form of escape.

But for me? After trying almost everything, I knew I had to create my own escape.

One that didn’t free me by accident, but design. A genuine escape that would last.

My very own fictional world, now accessible to you by the turning of a page.

And maybe the escape I’ve created will do the same for you.

I’m not saying your life will become some instant, eternal explosion of awesomeness just from reading…

But there won’t be anything like it, either.

And to be blunt, I originally intended to just make it available, and never advertise it. Never promote it. Never let the public know it really existed.
It wasn’t until a few people experienced it and inspired me to go all out that I decided to do a huge launch.
Hell, one of the readers got so inspired she decided to contribute her own talents to the project. So now every decision... 

Every next step of this launch is proof of how genuine of a connection it can make with you.

But, don’t get misled; this escape is hardly for everybody under the sun.

If you’re afraid to feel vulnerable, not for you.

Want everything spoonfed to you like a baby? This isn’t it.

There’s no religion or world-changing philosophy to be found.

I’ll teach people how to be superheroes when I’ve got it figured out myself.

This escape I’m about to share with you will not make the real world better on its own.

But it WILL give you a better place to go.

So… let’s back up. I’m doing a lot of profound talking here, and you might not even remember my name.
Hello, my name’s Isaak Hyde. And I have been so flawed.

I trust the wrong people.

I told the truth and got punished for it.

I’ve worked hard, and gotten little from it.

And sure, I’ve been an ass more often than I’ve been an angel.

But like you, I’ve seen the real world.

I’ve worked crap jobs for crappier pay, and I’ve somehow made ends meet.

I’ve given people places to live after they’ve left college, so they could quit drugs, or been separated from their lovers.

I did what I could with what I had. And always tried to be a lighthouse to brighten people’s lives, not part of the shadow that swallows them up.

And when the world around me sucked, I found ways out.

Games, movies, music, books… they were my havens.

Until the world knocked so hard even soundproof headphones couldn’t shut it out.

See, that night I mentioned earlier where I decided I’d find a place that made sense? I missed that turn a bunch of times afterward.

Maybe it’s happened to you before- you knew better, but you felt the same. So you wound up in the same situation again and again and again.

I know for me there were a lot more wrong turns after my first “earth-shattering” decision to escape. But I never stopped looking for the bent sign to freedom.

I tried writing stories to make more sense (I shamelessly wrote non-crappy fanfiction during high school)

That got my mind off things, but the feelings were still there.

So I turned to music and songwriting, but the world stayed the same.

And no matter how many of my favorite series I watched, read, or played, nothing gave me the escape I really needed.

See, what no one talks about when they mention people trying to escape-- into a world, a bottle, sex, cigarettes, whatever…

Is that the only reason anyone does it… is because there’s so much wrong with the world around us.

We can quit, but remain surrounded by addicts.

We can leave the videogame power fantasy, but we’re still in a crappy job.

We can forsake our beloved fictional characters… only to meet so many people who hate, betray, and reject us.

Until many of us start to believe that we’re the problem…


If we’re the problem, what were we escaping from in the FIRST PLACE?

They don’t want us going postal or dead or missing, so what else is there?
When does the fact we were lied to about life and abandoned come into play?

When does the mirror get turned around?

I rejected the answers given by people who wouldn’t listen. Their cigarettes, the booze and whatever else they consumed, because I could tell from the start…

I wanted to escape the world - they just wanted to be numb to it.

And I knew- there was nothing in the real world to give me the escape I needed.

I had to get out. I had to recharge. I had to come back better. So that I could handle all of this better.

And I needed to do it on MY terms.

“You don’t get me here, until I’ve had my time there.”

That’s what I decided.


A safe world that makes me better for being there. THAT was the REAL solution.
In Haven you have space to breathe.

In Haven you have time to think.

In Haven you get a chance to feel something besides overwhelmed…

I think they said it best--
"This all happened during an intense time in my life - but I made sure to have time on the weekend for reading. In fact, it was exactly the escape I needed... I felt straight-out sucked into the world of ALO."
Lisa Nassor
"It's like I was living two lives... my normal daily life, then my second, more awesome magical life whenever I'm reading Allan Leo's Overture. 

It made me laugh or even cry countless times. And now, I get what Isaak meant. It's an experience I can't describe unless you go through it for yourself." 
- Abdulmalik Ghandoora
Of course, like I said, the road to this was anything but straight and easy.
I started writing books and wrote plenty of songs good enough for what they were, but never gave me the kind of escape I truly needed.

I even finished a novel that I never did anything with. And which might entertain you, but certainly wouldn’t do anything more than distract.

It had to be more than “just another” book or song.

How could I create something both new and significant?

How could I make something that would stand the test of time and give a whole new world for people to live in, like The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter did for so many?

And then go beyond that…

How could I create a Haven that would live and breathe?

Well, to pull back the veil a bit- it would happen entirely on accident.

See, I’d noticed there were plenty of books about wizards, vampires and werewolves, dragons, and on and on…

But no one had done the same kind of thing with music.

What if the world didn’t revolve around magic, or fantastical creatures of the night… but music that could shape anything?

With a character who was sick to death of the encroaching world, like I and so many others felt?
So I wrote it. And rewrote, and rewrote.

I got lost in the nights I spent cuddled on a cushy recliner, drinking hot chocolate as I warmed my feet beneath a blanket. Writing, and rewriting...

Then the time came for me to share it with others… and everyone who read it never finished…
I pitched it to agencies, and hardly heard back…

I felt like a failure.

Until someone else asked to read it. An unassuming and honest colleague from a training program I’d joined.

This person, who I’d only just met a few months, had relied on fiction much the same way I had.

Her name was Lisa, and she began reading it on Friday…

She finished it by Sunday.

I heard all about how she’d connected with the struggles, triumphs, and revelations the protagonist experienced.

How she’d gotten lost in this new, refreshing world.

And how, in some way, it had allowed her to feel free. To escape. During a period of rapid growth when she needed such a release.

That was when I realized… it wasn’t that the story lacked anything…

You just needed the right eyes to see it

I shared it with other people who’d experienced hardship.
Who needed an escape from their self-doubt, or their demanding life, or the simple weight of age.

And MY eyes opened: my escape wasn’t in another world… it was in giving that world to others who could appreciate it.

The story’s first fan became its illustrator. Who would go on to give a face to the main character… and a visual world for him to inhabit.

Another created a website, where people could find him.

Still another began writing a musical score to go with the audiobook.

And it clicked- THIS was the escape. A story that could inspire and empower people in the real world.
To give them strength…

And hope…

And a tale to remind us: you don’t have to leave the world to escape it.

And so, by the power of its connection with fans, Allan Leo’s Overture is now spreading across the world…

From Buffalo to Los Angeles.

New York to Maine.

From the U.S.A. to Austria, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, and beyond.

Proving with the right kind of eyes, you can spot the spark of a new haven. And with the right kind of heart, you can become a part of it.

Allan Leo’s Overture began as a book, and that’s a great place to start.

You can meet and live beside Allan and his friends as they confront and overcome the obstacles in their path.

Escape with them to another world where miracles happen every day. Where even the most bitter rivalries can take unexpected turns. Where love can find even a hopeless fool, and a remorseless punk.

And then, you can go beyond the pages.

Step into Allan Leo’s World and share not only how it’s connected with you, but how it’s helped you connect with everybody else.

Meet your friends and family in the community, and live the escape together, in the real world.

People crawl into other escapes to cut themselves off from the world. Even the stories they’ve already loved…

But each of those is an island in the sea. A tropical prison, not a haven bringing people together all across the world.

Maybe there is something else like it. Maybe lightning HAS struck the same spot twice...

But let me ask you: if you’d found it already, would you still be reading?

Or do you maybe feel a little like these other fans did?

It doesn’t have to be just a book. If you let it, Allan Leo’s Overture can be so much more.

I didn’t even know how much impact the story would have on my life. And I wrote the damn thing, okay?

Now, I do have to tell you… I’m still a little hesitant about doing this launch. The Allan Leo community is close-knit, and I don’t want to risk ruining that connection by bringing in the wrong people.

You know the kind. The same ones who spoiled everything in the first place. The selfish, cruel people who don’t know how to do anything but bring others down.

And if they start coming in, I might shit this whole thing down.

This page, access to our community, everything.

And if that happens, the only ones who’ll be safe inside are the ones who are already there.

So hey, if this isn’t really connecting with you, no hard feelings. I just can’t guarantee there’ll be a way in later on. Full disclosure.

If you’re completely fine with things the way they are,

If you don’t think there’s something off about the world right now,

If you don’t feel more distant and shut off than ever…

Just go buy the book on Amazon. It’s a good read.

But if you’ve been waiting for something different,

Something new,

Something that’s never happened before,

A haven to escape to that’s spreading across the world as. We. speak...

For Now, You're In Luck.

I was going to put a $200 gate up for this. Not even gonna lie.
Hell, I’d have gone $300 if I wanted to be kind of ridiculous.

People have spent more on liquor and cigarettes and drugs and friggin’ bungee jumping

How much would you fork over for a single day at an amusement park before everything got shut down? For a cruise? A vacation?

Allan Leo’s Overture- the story and the community -is something you can escape into and get support from for the rest of your life.

So, yeah, to have access to all that, I wanted the toll to be $200.

So only the people who REALLY got what it was about would get in.

But then something happened. One of my teammates seemed to disappear, and Lisa and I were both so worried.

Eventually we got in touch, and learned that our friend had been in the hospital.

Things are better now, but it made me wonder, “what if someone else had to go through that all alone because I shut them out of the community?”

And I softened up a bit. Call me a sap. I don’t like abandoning people.

So I took it down to a hundred… then $80. Cuz if I’m being generous, might as well go all the way with it.

So, what happens if you’re ready to escape all this, and join the World of Allan Leo?

Well, to start, you’ll get access to a fresh, new printing of the book.

All the experiences and connections the characters make will be yours to share.

Everything that resonated with people enough to make several join a team promoting it.

Second, you’ll get access to Allan Leo World. An exclusive space SEPARATE from the fangroup most people get into.

It’s somewhere filled with fans who “get it”.

Have you ever enjoyed a book, show, game, etc but then you finished it and it was just… over?

You wanted to stay in the world, but it was just you and the end of the story.

Nobody understood.

There were no sequels.

And sooner or later, it faded. Replace by the next thing.

But in Allan Leo’s World, finishing the book is only the start.

The escape doesn’t end. It doesn’t fade.

It’s here anytime you need it.

When you join today, we’ll check your name with our records, and then open the gates.

You’ll be able to join in on our live calls, be entered when we do giveaways, and personally interact with me, the Allan Leo team, and the deeper members of the Allan Leo World community.

That’s a hell of a lot more than a ghost town where the founder just leaves an introduction and pops up with a “good stuff” comment every once in a while.

And third… (I almost don’t want to do this)

Remember Lisa, fan zero? The one who started it all?

She’s gone above and beyond to undertake the arduous task of turning Allan Leo’s Overture into a graphic novel.

No team.

No assistants.

Just one passionate fan using her talents to bring a story she loves to life.

It’s going to be broken into 4 volumes, at about 200 pages each. And you’ll have instant digital access to every single chapter as soon as it comes out.

Hell, we’ll even send you an email to let you know there’s a new one.

That’s 800 pages of handcrafted phenomenon at your beck and call.

People pay $20 or $30 for a single volume of other graphic novels that haven’t touched anyone like Allan Leo’s Overture has. Many pay a recurring, monthly charge for it.

But the ongoing, anywhere access to Allan Leo’s Overture graphic novel will be yours, at least $80 of value on its own- for no charge.

So you can get an official hard copy of Allan Leo’s Overture. A book that’s given numerous people the world over an escape they’ve never gotten anywhere else. Conservatively, $40 value for entertainment and therapeutic value alone.

You get entry into Allan Leo’s World. An (actually) exclusive community where not only can you speak with myself, Lisa, and the rest of the team-

Not only will you be able to forge lifelong friendships with people who “get it”...

You’ll ALSO have free access to our lives calls, and be drawn into our giveaways, worth at LEAST $200 from everything you can win alone.

And finally, you’ll have access to the entire digital collection- all 800+ pages -of Allan Leo’s Overture graphic novel, and $80 value…

For just $80… well, it was GOING to be $80.

I thought that was more than fair.

But even after I told Lisa I was going down from my original plan of $200, even after the extra $20 off, it still wasn’t enough.

Lisa’s a very busy person. And taking the time to illustrate 800 pages of a graphic novel- plus all the cover art and promotional images she’s creating -is a huge labor of love for her.

And she didn’t want anyone to get shut off from that. Or from the kind of escape the story gave her.
So she talked me down… to half.

So, FOR NOW, if you join us and give yourself the chance to experience this escape- in print, in picture, and in the community…

I'll let you in for just $40

I spent more than that just getting copies for the team, okay?
And sooner or later, I might get Lisa to see reason and go back to the real price.

So procrastinate at your own risk.

But right now, you have two choices:

1) Go back to how things have been. Use your old escapes, and get those kinds of results.
Stick with just the community you have now. They might be fine…

And maybe even just pay more if you want to read the book or get access to the graphic novel on their own…

2) Take advantage of everything- the hard copy of the book, the community and giveaways, full access to the digital graphic novel -at a ridiculous price similar to what most spend on a single hardcover book.

Hell, you can even upgrade the book to a hardcover and get the audiobook with it for less than the $80 I meant to charge you.

But look,

We’ve all been through a lot to get to this moment.

And if you’re tired of all that, and want something different…

Give yourself the gift.

Isaak Hyde

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